Welcome to the start of a reoccurring series I'm going to call "Armory Updates" that will focus on some of the weapons included in Due Process. The game has quite a few guns that can be used to terminate criminal scum, or fend off Argus Officers trying to interrupt your otherwise peaceful bomb arming. Today we're going to cover some of the close-range options available to the defending team, so if you pay attention, you might be able to outsmart a few bullets in the future. Keep in mind that everything is in active development, so animations, sounds, and balancing are very much a work in progress.


The NACK-11 is a powerhouse of a submachine gun. The Prince of Close Quarters, the NACK is designed primarily as an ambushing weapon where it can secure multiple kills in knife-fight range with minimal retaliation. It has the fastest time-to-kill of all the automatic weapons in the game, boasts effective hip fire accuracy, and strong-but-consistent vertical recoil.

While amazing up close, it has poor iron sights and an obscuring muzzle flash that hinders its usefulness at range. Clocking in at 1200 RPM, the NACK eats its low caliber ammo like candy while suffering from swaying horizontal recoil. Once empty, it has a long reload time, which makes a retreat-and-reload scenario highly advisable. Smart positioning and strong recoil control is required to make the most out of this little bullet hose.

Gruber 5

Another submachine gun included in the defender's close range category is the Gruber 5. As a jack of all trades, master of none, the Gruber 5 is a well rounded weapon that can perform admirably in any scenario. With consistent vertical and horizontal recoil, it can go fully automatic for close range encounters, or be burst fired for effective mid-to-long range engagements.

While the Gruber 5 is a great beginner's weapon, it lacks defining features that might otherwise give it an edge over other weapons. Firing at 780 RPM, it fires faster than our rifles, but slower than the other submachine guns available. Much like the NACK-11, poor iron sights limit its ability to go head-to-head with dedicated long range weapons. Its rounds have low headshot bonus damage, and poor penetration, so aiming for the enemy's center of mass will likely score you more kills.

Super Shotty

Not to be confused with the Auto-Shotgun, the Super Shotty functions exactly as you would expect: instant kills at close range. As one would expect from a shotgun, this thing is designed to be used as an ambushing weapon, or for quick pop-up attacks. The Super Shotty suffers extreme drawbacks in exchange for a rare one-shot kill at close range. With its low ammo capacity of only 3 rounds, you'll need to position carefully, know when to reload, and when to transition to your secondary weapon. If you're able to do all of that, this shorty will ruin any invader's day.


Last up is the KR82-U, a variant of our KR82 assault rifle. Lacking the rear stock and sight post of its long-ranged brother, the KR82-U suffers from jumping vertical recoil and swaying horizontal recoil. Any long range engagements should be limited to single shots, as firing full auto will result in a wild spray of bullets.

Despite these differences, the KR82-U is still a force to be reckoned with. Firing at 660 RPM, its high-caliber rounds deal incredible amounts of damage, and aiming just below center of mass usually walks the gun up to a headshot due to its extreme recoil. As it is a rifle, it has great penetration, piercing thick objects with ease. The missing rear stock gives it high aimed movement speed, so aggressive assaults work well.

Community Spotlight

Now that the weapons are out of the way, I'd like to give a shout-out to the community. We got our first piece of fan-mail not too long ago. It caught us by surprise, caused us to promptly enter a panic, and we locked it away in a safe location that may or may not have been our office kitchen. What could it be? An angry letter? Precious treasure? Anthrax? We decided the best course of action was to quarantine said fan-mail, along with Alex, to inspect it.

Turns out several of our friends in Discord all pitched in and had a handful of Due Process patches made! They discovered the location of our secret base and sent one for every member of the team. A big thanks to @ashisbae, @fatblackninja, @dapper mola, @Chief Diggery K., and @vabart for their thoughtfulness. It caused quite a stir in the office and made for a tense/enjoyable afternoon.

That should wrap up our weapons preview for this blog post. Next time we visit the armory, we'll take a look at the long-range options available to defenders. If you made it this far down and still have questions, feel free to ask away on either our Subreddit or the Official Discord Server. Until next time, soldiers!