A lot has happened since our last update! We've added new animations, tweaked the convenience store, had a few new additions to the office, and more!

Shuttering the Convenience Store

Having watched gameplay from PAX East, we saw an opportunity to make our Convenience Store tile-set more interesting by adding a new "soft objective." The glass storefront sections now have deployable bulletproof shutters that the defenders can activate via a panic button to secure an otherwise vulnerable room at the cost of their own visibility. With the windows covered, Attackers will have a much safer approach to the building. A wall-charge can be used to blow up individual sections of the shutters, so Defenders will have to think carefully about deploying them.


Our [lack of] grenade throw hasn't been changed since the block-dude ages! Our animator, Kevin, recently cranked out a much needed update. The new animation serves as both a visual update, and an aiming mechanism as the tip of the thrower's finger acts as a guide to help you nail that off-the-wall frag grenade.

The Factory


We've been hard at work on our next tile-set: The Factory! The Convenience Store will likely be our smallest level, and the factory will likely be our largest. The factory will be characterized by large pieces of elevated terrain, long sight-lines favoring long-ranged weapons, and should offer both the attacking and defending teams better opportunities to control the pace of combat.

While we're not quite ready to show off individual levels, these concepts our art-team created have acted as a guideline for this tile-set.


Road Trip

Our Community Manager (That's me!) recently moved from his home in New Hampshire, all the way to Seattle. One mover van, five days, and a burnt-out usb adapter later, he made it!

Dog Process

Noodle (Left) Setsu (Middle) and Timber (Right) sitting with Rob on the couch.

Noodle (Left) Setsu (Middle) and Timber (Right) sitting with Rob on the couch.

Now that the team has occupied the office for a few months, the desk layout has begun to solidify. Since there are now substantially less computer cords lying around, some of the developers have begun bringing their dogs into the office on a regular basis. Behold: The Office Dogs of Due Process.

That's it for now! If there are topics you'd like to see covered in future posts, feel free to let us know on either our Subreddit or Discord!