The artwork of Due Process has come a long way since its inception in 2014. Back then, Vince would render a basic hitbox and call it a day. Now, we have a team of artists pumping out high quality, low-poly artwork with crisp, unfiltered textures. Most of the art for our Killhouse environment can be seen in the videos we were releasing back in the summer of 2017. That's old news! Let's take a look at what our art team has been cooking up in the past few weeks.

Turns out we've been hard at work on a new tileset, the Convenience Store! As teased in the last blog post, and playable at PAX East, the "56k Mart" is here for all your tactical needs. These levels are generated using a different set of parameters from Killhouse, but that's a topic for another time. For now, here are some previews of different room types that we've been putting together.


Any convenience store needs a storefront! Storefront tiles are filled with rows and rows of chips, magazines, drinks, and a protected place to check out. Almost everything here is physics enabled, so firing an automatic weapon down an aisle full of snacks is a treat.

Office sections are likely the most familiar to fans who remember the 2014 build of Due Process. Much like the older version, they're littered with things like TVs, VCRs, radios, vending machines, printers, etc.


Freezers are easily identifiable from the outside by their door. Each rack on the inside has varying amounts of goods on them, which may or may not provide cover depending on how they generate. They tend to latch onto the side of the Storefront as opposed to, say, the bathroom.


Storage and Bathroom sections tend to have less destructible objects, offering instead solid cover and extra places to hide. As with all the other rooms, the lights can be shot out during the planning phase to give yourself a darker environment to sneak around in. Just hope the attackers don't bring their Night Vision Goggles!

Pretty cool stuff! Other objects that we have planned for the Convenience Store are things like Slurpee Machines, ATMs, and various, well, let's just end this art preview with a teaser: