The last blog post was in September, wasn't it? It's almost March! I think it's time for an update. As development on Due Process has progressed, the amount of time Alex has had to devote to his blog posts has dwindled significantly. That's where I, the Community Manager, come into play. While Alex's posts are thoughtful and detailed ramblings about the future of the game, I hope to write up more casual updates that look into our past and present. Let's start where Alex left off, shall we?

Between September and December of 2017, the team was focusing on cramming as much content into the game as possible before PAX South. We coded, debugged, and crunched as hard as we could, right up until our flights left Seattle for San Antonio. We were nervous to have our game on display for the first time since implementing our new art style, but knew it was time to get it into the hands of our fans.

The flight back to Seattle was long, but the buzz from PAX stayed with us all the way home. Feedback we got from the convention was incredible, and now we had to act upon it. There was content to add, frame rates to smooth out, and bugs to squash! The coders were coding, the animator was animating, the artists were arting! There was so much excitement that we bailed out of our old office from the last blog post and into a new, way more permanent one.

That should bring everyone up to speed with what the team is doing. Unless something horrible happens, I hope to push out one of these updates once or twice a month. I imagine if you made it this far down, you're expecting some kind of screenshot or video. I'd hate to disappoint on my first post.