Q) What do we have here? Job postings? Is Giant Enemy Crab hiring? Is Due Process finally coming out?

A) We are hiring the personnel to make it come out, so send us an application ASAP, citizen!

Our first round of job postings is up and we're looking for:

1) A Technical Producer A capable programmer-producer who can guide us while we expand our efforts and also write a script here or there to help automate whatever process we're losing precious man-hours to. We need someone with industry know-how and experience. 

2) A Networking Engineer We're looking for someone to help us administrate our cloud services and build key features like multiplayer matchmaking and our map distribution system.

3) Anti-Cheat Engineer We're looking for someone with a very particular set of skills. That is to say, skills building systems which send cheaters, hackers, and the other scum of the internet back to pits that spawned them, and maybe emails Santa that they've been very naughty in the process.

4) A Senior Artist A capable environmental and character artist who can deliver us to a beautiful, low-poly pixel art vision of a dystopian New York City where things may have gotten a just tad bit out of hand.

Are you not any of the above? Come back later because we'll be filling more positions in the future!