Reports of our death are greatly exaggerated. 

It's been nearly 6 months since we've shown you what we've been up to! We're still plugging away, hard at work at building the core of our game. In our 19th update we spoke about how we were only testing in our makeshift team deathmatch arena. While everything needed to run the attack and defend mode had been implemented, we needed to focus on de-janking interactions, improving our weapon feel, and implementing crucial performance optimizations, so we were testing exclusively in a makeshift team deathmatch mode.

Truth be told, it was a slog. Squashing bugs is tedious work. Refactoring systems is tedious work. Playing a game every Friday with huge FPS drops and jamming weapons is tedious work. That has been our lives for over a year now.

Fortunately, progress was made and for a few months now we've been running the attack and defend mode. This month, however, we reached an important milestone: Fun.

We're laughing again, we're planning, we're scoring clutch plays. Whenever I shut down the server, Kevin complains that he wants to play more. Things are coming together.

...and some not so clutch plays

New strategies are coming through. Boosting to otherwise unreachable geometry seems to be a favorite for our crims.

Don't worry about those room labels blocking LOS, they're fixed now

And some of our power weapons are in. They're about as important to planning as the breaker is, which is good.

All our images are a work in progress, yadda yadda

We've been playing in our new Killhouse map kit that Ben and David have been working on. It gives us a fairly neutral setting to try out new geo concepts and will serve as the whitebox all future level pallets use.

The 'Chimney Breach' was a serendipitous strategy

So where are we? Close to showable but still far from release. We look forward to sessions with our friends on Youtube and Twitch soon™. More later!