GIANT ENEMY CRAB is now hiring!

Giant Enemy Crab is a Seattle based development studio currently working on the tactical FPS Due Process.  We have a flat hierarchy where everyone is able to argue for their own ideas, but understands the game that we're trying to make.  There are about 16 people on our team and it feels more like a bunch of people trying to make something cool than it does a company.

Email  jobs(at) with the job position in the headline and your resume + portfolio (for artists) to apply. 



We're looking for a Senior Backend Engineer to work on our upcoming tactical FPS Due Process.  You’ll be responsible for designing, building, and maintaining backend services.  This position is onsite and will require you to be local to Seattle.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Design, build, and maintain backend services

  • Evaluate and extend existing backend architecture

  • Integrate system with 3rd party APIs (Steam, Multiplay, Vivox, etc.)

  • Provide live support for Due Process during all release phases

  • Work closely with and mentor other teammates


  • 5+ years’ experience building reliable, highly available and scalable platforms

  • Experience shipping, maintaining, and providing live support for a service backend in AWS

  • Strong engineering and debugging skills

  • Good database fundamentals

  • Strong work ethic and ability to self-direct

  • Firm grasp of concurrency and highly scalable distributed systems


  • One or more shipped games with Unity

  • One or more shipped products with Node.js and TypeScript

  • Experience with document databases, especially DynamoDB



We're looking for a Part Time IT Consultant to set up and maintain our IT infrastructure as we move towards shipping Due Process.  This position is onsite and will require you to be local to Seattle.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Analyze existing IT infrastructure, identify areas for improvement, and spec out solutions that are within the project scope

  • Implement approved solutions across studio

  • Deal with other day to day IT needs (setting up workstations, updating build machines etc.)

  • Maintain infrastructure through updates and troubleshooting


  • Proven experience within IT or other relevant position

  • Substantial experience with network security

  • Ability to suggest solutions within the scope of the production schedule

  • Strong communication skills


  • Experience working with game development studios

  • Experience working with small teams



Junior Level Designer

We're looking for a junior level designer to work on our upcoming tactical FPS Due Process. This position is onsite and will require you to be local to Seattle. Relocation assistance is available

We intend to make tens of new maps every week so that players never have our maps memorized and always need to make a plan. As such, your role will be mostly comprised of making maps, receiving feedback (and organizing said feedback for the level team), and assisting the other level designers.


  • Strong experience playing tactical FPS games

  • High passion and work ethic

  • Ability to receive direction and take feedback

  • Must be proactive in learning about our level pipeline and articulating areas for improvement

  • Must be local to Seattle or willing to relocate (assistance available)


  • Experience making FPS maps

  • Proficiency in Unity or another game engine

  • Substantial experience playing Due Process