Dreamhack 2019

If you’re in Dallas, Texas on May 31st - June 2nd and want to play Due Process, do I have good news for you! We’ll have a 20 machine LAN set up at Annapurna Interactive’s booth for all three days of Dreamhack! Make sure to swing by, play a round of Due Process, and chat with the team. If you’ve ever wanted to relentlessly question Baard about when the game will come out, now is your chance! We’re also conveniently located across from the concession stands, so grab a snack and watch a few rounds during your downtime.


A Hot New Item


With Attacker’s slowly gaining the upper hand over the past few weeks, we figured now was a good time to add a new piece of equipment to the Defender’s arsenal: the Molotov Cocktail. When thrown, Molotov’s spawn an expanding ring of fire that burns for 10 seconds, dealing high damage to anyone caught in the flames. Testers quickly found that Barbwire and Fire are a match made in heaven.

While the initial reception to Molotovs has been positive, testers also discovered how to exploit them. As with any new item, their initial implementation was very rough. Fire spawns in a circle around the point of impact, which meant the flames could go through walls! A savvy Defender would toss their Molotov at an exterior wall near the Attacker van, causing the fire to leak into the truck, killing all the Attackers before the round had even begun. Our v2 has its fire spread in a loose grid using our Audio Pathing system, and pushes itself off walls, confining the flames to the area it was thrown at.

GIF City

Instead of a collection of gifs, I’ve compiled this week’s clips into a short youtube video!

Alpha 14

547 games were played over the weekend, with Attacker’s barely hanging onto their lead with 279 wins to Defender’s 268. The inclusion of Molotovs no doubt helped Defenders ward off some of the more popular Attacker strategies, while also providing newer players with a simple yet effective tool for dealing with large groups of enemies. Almost every map ended with an acceptable balance rate, so overall, we are very happy with how this new Defender item has shaken things up.

Servers are still being angry and kicking people for odd networking behavior, so our Engineering team is busy trying to fix these issues while also continuing to improve Join-In-Progress to function automatically upon disconnect. 100 Keys will be going out this Friday as usual, but we’re unsure if we’ll send any the week we’re out of town. We’re excited for our trip to Dallas next weekend, and we hope to see some of you on the Dreamhack show floor!