An Alternate View

Last year we introduced the "Tactical View" to our map screen, which applied a black-and-white gradient to each map that represented the height of cover in each level. While well received, ever since then, our testers have clamored for an alternate view with color to help better identify objects. After weeks of work, this request has finally been made a reality in the form of "Satellite View." Initial reactions have been positive, but we’re still working to make this alternate view a bit more readable and easier on the eyes.

The map screen improvement also arrives in parallel with a refactored camera manager. This upgrade is invisible to players, but will ultimately open the door to future features such as CCTVs, First-Person Spectator, and of course, a potential Replay System further down the line.

Friendly Advice

Another small but useful addition to come in last week was loading screen tips! Each time a map is loaded, you’ll receive a stylized blurb about items, weapons, or other tactically useful information for the team you’re currently playing on.

While the current tips are relatively basic, we hope to expand these as time goes on as players develop common strategies, discover unique uses for items, or other useful factoids that should help ease new players into the game. We know that creating an informative new player experience is vital to Due Process, and these loading screens come as a simple first step.

GIF City

CADMonkey handles a 3v3

RedCommissar’s team go for the Double Breach

Communication with his team gets Red a kill

NoahsArk doesn’t need any NVGs

With over 400 games played, Ozy proves he’s a champion

RedCommissar already producing memes

Alpha: Another way in

Alpha 13 proved to be one of our busiest weekends yet with 823 games played! With 506 wins going to Attackers, we’ve clearly swung team balance in favor of ARGUS. Fortunately for Defenders, we’ve got some hot surprises cooking up which should be ready for this upcoming weekend. If that’s not enough, we’ve got a major systematic overhaul coming soon that should give them a substantial power boost.

We’ve begun offering our Testers the opportunity to invite their friends into the Alpha. We send out the usual 100 keys those who completed the hardware survey, as well as a separate set of keys to those invited by our Testers who fill out a similar form. We hope that by slowly pulling in everyone’s squadmates, the Alpha will continue to become more and more lively. We should have some more exciting news coming up this month, so stay tuned!