Bluedrake42 and

Over the weekend we got a chance to play some games with a YouTuber named BlueDrake42. Check his videos out if you'd like to see some very recent game play footage or check out his channel here. He'll be putting out a series of videos this week based on our test session. Along with Due Process, he also makes videos of shooters such as Arma 3, Insurgency, and Red Orchestra.

This Thursday (July 3rd) at 1:00 PM Pacific Time, our development team will be on stream playing with Indie at We'll also be answering questions in the stream chat. He's a big supporter of in development and alpha games games and we're really happy to be on his stream. I hope to see you all there

posted by Neil Doherty on July 1st, 2014

Alpha Sign ups

Due Process has finally ready to do closed alpha testing! The game has reached a point where we want to get more people playing it. There are a few things that I need to mention about the alpha though.

1) The game does not yet function outside of North America. While it's something we're working on, the game only functions on our server right now. That means that playing overseas will likely result in unplayable lag and ruin the experience for everyone. Fixing this is high on our to do list, so hopefully that won't be the case soon.

2) Voice chat is required to participate in alpha testing. Due Process is heavily based on communicating and coordinating with your team. Quite simply, if you are not able to talk, we can't let you into the test. Eventually voice chat will be built into the game, but for now, we use a mumble server.

In a few weeks, we'll be hosting scheduled test sessions where we invite people from the pool of alpha testers to play in closed sessions. If you're interested in joining us, please send an email to

posted by Neil Doherty on June 24th, 2014

First Screenshots

We've finally managed to test out a build that looks good enough for us to take screen shots and develop a trailer. The trailer is still being worked on, but here are some screen shots, and the first public glimpse of Due Process.

Here you can see some of the cool particle effects that were added into the game. The blood is still a placeholder

This is the planning screen, as you can see, our game takes place in pretty small rooms without too much cover, so rounds are executed pretty quickly once plans are made

I'm holding the riot shield and crouching in this shot. The person on my left is probably about to get murdered.

posted by Neil Doherty on June 7th, 2014

Art Snippits

Even though we haven't managed to put any art into the game yet, we thought we'd share some of the early concept art that our artists have been producing with you guys. We want our game to have an art style resembling Hotline Miami and the latest Dredd movie with a lot of bright colours.

posted by Neil Doherty on June 5th, 2014


Welcome to the official website of Due Process! We're still in early alpha development, so alpha in fact that most of this site is still under construction. We are however, reaching a point where we have some stuff to show. expect to see a some stuff from us in the coming months.

posted by Neil Doherty on June 1st, 2014