16 |||||||||| SILENT RUNNING

16 |||||||||| SILENT RUNNING

Been a quiet year, hasn't it? We, like many indies are believers in open development, where you talk early and often about your game and include your audience in the process of developing the game. It's a great way to market and expose your game, which is the biggest problem indies have and will always have. We don't compete with each other; we compete with obscurity.

Well it's not always a viable option. Sometimes you need to dive and run silent. We needed to develop a new art style for Due Process. Block dudes are great, but they're very limiting, and we can make a far richer game by choosing a style other than abstract programmer art.

A year ago, we hired a team of artists who have been working very hard to deliver a style suitable for the game. Game art, much like the game attached to it, is complete shit for 90% of development and really only comes together in the last stretch, so it was important to shield the art team from early and undue criticism. We had to lay low for a bit and not show too much to keep morale up, because the internet is unkind.

So now we've surfaced. We're back, and we're very proud to present this: