Recently, we got the chance to show the game as part of the Indie Megabooth at PAX East for the first time.

Below is a bunch of photos of our time in Boston (for those that couldn't make it out to the event last week), plus some extra goodies.

It took ~6 hours of flight to go forward in time and arrive in Boston

We did it!

We had to haul all of our gear to the convention center from the hotel we had it shipped to

We forgot some of our tools...

Cue "The Dawn of Man"

Almost done

Good enough

Good enough



Quick thanks to our sponsors: Razer and iBuyPower. Without them, we would've had way more trouble getting enough equipment to show the game on the East Coast.

If you haven't already, checkout both companies' sites:


The booth was bumpin' the whole show

We definitely could not have run as tight of a ship without our resident linemaster, Vheela.


QUESTION: What happens when you challenge the dev team to a match of their own game?

Top: Winners // Bottom: Losers


6 - 0 kind of wrecked, specifically.

All in the name of good fun. No hard feelings, right guys?


Where's Waldo Pt. II

All in all, we had a blast meeting new and old fans alike at PAX East. People seemed to really dig the game and were surprisingly stoked to see the 'block build' one last time before going back into the Disney Vault. We would love to make our way back there again next year in an even bigger way, if possible.



We did some quick exploring the last day before we had to fly back. For some of us, it was our first time in Boston, so we decided to play tourists and follow the Freedom Trail.

BEAUTIFULLY BRUTAL (good reference material, no?)

War. War never changes.

Up top the Bunker Hill monument

Definitely worth the ~300 stairs of cardiac hell. Not bad, Boston.



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