Killhouse, our oldest tileset, was initially designed to be our testbed for future levels. As time went on, and we created new rooms for players to kill each other in, Killhouse turned into a bit of an amorphic blob of artwork and ideas all merged together into one. While C-Store and Factory had strong visual identities, Killhouse slowly began to lose what used to make it unique. The introduction of Club brought in aspects of C-Store, Garage made things feel a bit more like a Factory, and so on. We took a step back to figure out what exactly we wanted this level to be.

With our Arena tile set having been resurrected, it was decided that it would become an official tileset rather than just “the proving grounds.” With a roaring crowd, flashing cameras, and thunderous applause, Killhouse has been updated to the Probation Dome! Here, in this gladiatorial arena, Alpha City’s most wanted fight for their freedom versus Argus’s top enforcers.

Pulling inspiration from things like 80s WWE, Running Man, and Death Race 2000, we wanted to give Killhouse the feeling of an extreme blood-sport that is as exciting as it is deadly. Defenders make plans in a small holding pen as the crowd rains trash down on them, and advertisements for the Dome’s many sponsors find themselves on every wall… even the UAV finds itself at the center of attention! As we continue development, we hope to bring this background scene to life with things such as a dynamic crowd that “ooohs” and “aaahs” as players go through the round.

While the background scene is undoubtedly eye-catching, Killhouse maps have gotten updated interiors, a unified design, and more cover to play around. Rooms have been color-coded to aid navigation and help player models stand out from their surroundings. Cover should feel more impromptu and dingy, with a majority of props made out of cardboard, scrap metal, and cinder blocks. Overall, these changes have had an overwhelmingly positive reception by our testers, so expect the art style of Killhouse to continue in this direction going forward.

A Breachable Update

Meanwhile, the C-Store was chosen as our first tileset to be updated with breachable props! Wall/door charges will now destroy objects caught in its blast radius, giving Attackers a more extensive range of options when planning. No more are your plans foiled by a shelf on the opposite side of your charge! A pesky soda machine in the way of the optimal sightline? Not anymore! While these changes only apply to C-Store levels at the moment, we hope to update Killhouse and Factory maps in the coming weeks to support this enhanced functionality.

Factory Too!

Even Factory, our elusive third tileset, continues to receive updates behind the scenes. Some props incoming next week are huge silos that stretch from floor to ceiling, providing an elevated firing position that Defenders can use at their own risk. Generators are in the process of being reconfigured to self-assemble, much like Killhouse Club Stages, which should significantly increase the overall diversity of Factory maps. We’re almost at the point where we can have a dedicated blogpost for Factory. Soon!

Clip City

And finally, here are a few clips from the most recent Alpha! We’ve just embarked on a big update for our Main Menu Matchmaker that we mentioned in a previous post, so stay tuned for more info. In addition to our usual 100 keys going out this week, Invite-a-Friend 2: Electric Boogaloo should be happening very soon. If you haven’t already, join our Discord Server as it’s the fastest way to receive an invite if you’re selected. That’s all for now, we’ll see you all next blogpost!