What happens when you have a considerable engine upgrade, then send off a majority of your programmers to GDC? Bugs! Despite our best efforts to smooth the game out over the week, Alpha 6 contained an annoyingly uncommon bug in which doors would leave behind a “ghost version” of themselves upon being interacted with. This made maps incredibly difficult to attack, as you were unable to see through a door you had just opened until you ran through it.

Despite this, 421 rounds were played! Defenders were clearly favored this time around, totaling 236 wins. As mentioned last blog post, many of the maps contained experimental elements to them, like Silos and Mega Stages. The expanded stages were a universal success, whereas Silos need a bit more experimentation. The initial implementation as a raised pathway was annoying for both teams to play around. When they were deployed as an interior perch, things felt much better.

Gif City

Soap holds the Garage

Newcomer Photon proves himself.

A day in the life of a shield bearer

NAT-45 claims a sniper perch

Carrier has arrived

Double Trouble

The level generation team is embarking on their next big project! This task is one players have asked us about many, many times: Will there be more than one floor? Multistory buildings provide us with a large set of problems to solve, but we’re confident that the generator is now ready for this upgrade. While we’re still prototyping these levels out with old Arena assets, the results are quite promising. Testers can expect to see these levels soon!


Moving Along

With GDC behind us, the team is back together again. We’re prioritizing the issues that plagued Alpha 6 while continuing to optimize and adjust weapon balance. Another 100 keys should go out on Friday! Our automated Discord key-bot was a huge success last week, so those selected will find that getting their key is now easier than ever. We have exciting updates on the horizon, so stay tuned!