Time for another status update! Last weekend we had 233 games played, across 20 different maps. Defenders were once again victorious, racking up 147 wins. The Alpha didn’t truly start until early Saturday morning as our new Audio system introduced some show stopping bugs. Lowering C-Store shutters triggered cascading errors that caused framerates to get worse and worse as rounds progressed. Fixing this issue wound up being a larger task than expected, but eventually we got the ball rolling.

The lighting changes we implemented last week were successful in improving framerates, but there were some clear cases where shadows were acting strangely or were seemingly non-existent. Upon further inspection, we forgot to include shadowmap data! Woops. We clicked the elusive “include shadowmaps” checkbox and rejoiced as our levels magically became dark again.

Gif City

Some more plays from over the weekend! Included are peeks at both Factory and the newly resurrected Arena tile sets

Billboard’s holding his own, 1v4, to win the round.

Cyex’s post-mortem Frag

Shotgun Kills? Pfff, Barbwire Kill!

Kommissar Lyus channels his inner doomslayer.

This was almost a 200 IQ Play. Attackers breach south in an attempt to access the shutter button located inside Teller, which would raise all shutters and give Attackers free access to Storefront. Defenders, having called this plan, brought road flares, laid barbwire, and positioned someone by the power switch to turn the power off as Attackers rushed in. With the power off, shutters wouldn’t raise, giving Defender’s a massive advantage. Unfortunately, the lights went off after the shutters were already raised, which lead to a huge firefight.

Map Time

Another week, another set of new maps! Here are two that were included over the weekend.

NDA Updates

After the initial wave of keys went out, -this thread- appeared on our subreddit asking a simple question: was the game fun. As developers, we want our testers to give their opinions about their experiences, but the NDA prevented them from doing so. We’ve revised our stance and are loosening the strings a bit.

For our testers, conversations about Due Process are now allowed and encouraged. Reddit posts, Discord discussions, YouTube comment conversations, etc are all good so long as images and videos are not posted publicly. This means no videos, images, or recordings of any kind, including Twitch, Youtube, screenshots, etc, but conversations about Due Process are fair game. We hope this will keep the hype train fueled up as we continue to hand out more and more Alpha keys.

Speaking of which, we’re sending out another 100 Alpha keys tomorrow. See everyone on Tuesday with another Alpha recap!