Hey Everyone,

It’s been a while since we’ve done a development update. We had a lot going on after PAX ended but now things are finally starting to quiet down. So here’s what’s been happening.


- PAX (CONT.) -


First a quick note about PAX 2015. We completely forgot to thank our sponsors in our last post and we really couldn’t have done PAX without them. Huge thanks to IBUYPOWER, BenQ, and Logitech for providing us with equipment for the event. The main reason we aren’t able to show Due Process at a lot of events is that it requires a lot of equipment (roughly 10 PCs + peripherals) so the help is greatly appreciated. If you were at PAX and liked the equipment we used at our booth, I’ve included some links below. Also, thanks a lot to the Indie Megabooth for letting us show our game with them. The Megabooth staff works really hard to make the complicated process of running a booth much simpler on us developers. It was a huge headache for us last year so I can only imagine what they have to go through.

Where's Waldo?

Here are some links to our sponsor's equipment that made our booth so successful:




We also received an award from Curse for "Coolest PVP Game at PAX" over the weekend. It’s the first trophy we’ve ever won, so we’re very proud of ourselves. We don’t have an office yet, so we’re taking turns keeping it.

Such beautiful faces.




So what has been going on with development? Really boring stuff, which is part of the reason we haven’t been posting very much recently. The new version of Due Process is filled with performance problems and bugs that we need to fix. Right now our lives are composed of:

1) Staring at the performance monitor

2) Catching up on technical debt

    “Catching up on technical debt” is a fancy way of saying we built things badly the first time and need to pay for our mistakes with tears and frustration.

    In addition to the performance problems, we’ve been fixing some odd bugs. Real fun stuff like sometimes connecting to a game in progress results in entering someone else’s body and assuming control over them. That said, bug fixing does lend itself well to the odd funny GIF, so here is a funny GIF.

    Lastly, an update regarding the alpha: it’s still a ways off. I know it’s something we thought we’d be able to do forever ago, but there’s not really anything we can do about the game not being ready for it. At this point we’d be letting everyone play a buggy mess and the time spent testing would make development move a lot slower. So don’t worry about not receiving an email about the alpha starting. I promise that we’ll post something on our website, Facebook, and Twitter accounts so if you’re worried about the email getting lost in a spam folder, you can check there to see if we’re starting.

    That's all for now!