Valdis, Art Lead and Effects designer, a veritable whirlwind of productivity.

No, we've been busy, we've just been keeping things from you.

Over a year ago we hired the first members of our art team. That team has grown substantially and has been working hard developing the new art style. While some of you may have caught a glimpse here or there of what we've been up to, we've been keeping the lion's share of the new art under wraps. We'd like to do a big reveal after the dust has settled from E3, and we sense we'll win a lot more hearts and minds by saving up for a bit of shock and awe, rather than a trickle of updates which boil down to "hey, check out this new gun."

Plus video games look like utter crap until the eleventh hour so we're not showing you anything.

That said, we reached first playable, which is occasion for at least a silly GIF. So in honor of an upcoming E3, here's an off-screen "leak" for you:


We're keeping the rest of things under wraps for a proper reveal, but we think you'll be pleased by what we've got to show you.

Stay tuned.