Well, it's no secret that we've been off the radar a bit. Our youtube presence is still high: we have a video out every week or so, it seems. If you've been keeping up, like this guy has, you'll have noticed that not too much has changed with ye olde Due Process: the box dudes are still the same, the weapons haven't changed, the maps haven't changed.

That version of Due Process is effectively a prototype now; no changes to that branch have been made since October. So what have we been doing?

Enter what is known internally as DUE PROCESS 2: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO

Still looks pretty shitty, eh? Well that's game development for you.

(No we're not actually making a sequel to an unreleased game. Our branch just needs a name)

So why the new version? Well, simply put, the old version sucks. It's a house of cards on a foundation of sand, and while you can make a singleplayer game just fine with cruddy implementation, you CANNOT make a multiplayer game with cruddy implementation, unless you're releasing DAYZ.

For the record, I love the shit out of DAYZ and Arma in general, and think they're some of the most important games ever made, but that's another rant.

So this rebuild is meant to be a quality rebuild. Nearly every system has been rewritten. You'll also notice we've taken the opportunity to implement some new features.




The box dudes are out and the new character models are in (yes, I know a lot of you guys want box dudes. We'll see what we can do).




The most important feature by far, written by our new hire, one Hayden Jackson. His map generator is far superior to mine. It's node-based, not grid-based, so we can do non-square room tiles, leading to some more interesting spaces to fight in. This also means that multiple-story levels are now possible.




We're back to sexy vector-based drawings, and we've FINALLY got support for icons bound to hotkeys. So now when you want to say "flashbang here," you simply hit "F" and an icon appears at your cursor. You'll spend more time thinking, and less time drawing in the planning phase.




These are going to fuck your day up. We're not just modeling the flash, but the "bang" of the flashbang as well. Even if your line of sight is blocked, if you're in the same room as this thing, you're going to have a bad time.

So that's what we've been up to. Unfortunately, good code takes a substantial amount time to write, but we see the light at the end of the tunnel, and we're going to die be playable within the next month or so.